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I know it sounds ambitious but our client requires a PDF Reader of his own with some selected functionalities. Can anyone guide me to some good tutorials for paving the way to start this development?

I guess I need to clear some pdf basics and start from scratch OR i would be happy if there is any library which i can use directly and only modify the controls at my will.

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In terms of specific Android implementation, I really can't advise you there, I'm afraid.

However, there is a lot of PDF viewing software available that is open-source which would allow you to see the underlying code to learn from.

One example is PDFedit, which is also an editor, but there are loads on SourceForge or Google Code you could have a look at.

This Wikipedia section has a list of multi-platform development libraries which could help you. There is also a bunch of PDF software, much of which is open-source. Perhaps you could find a simplistic one and have a look at how it parses PDFs.

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thanx a lot T3Roar... this is enough for me to start at it... the reply was quick and perfect i must say... may god bless u... – JaVadid Jun 1 '10 at 10:47
but the main thing which i want is a simple pdf reader... and if possible some tutorial guidance about wat exactly pdf rendering is... anyways will wait for some suitable guidance.. till then m trying the way T3Roar told... – JaVadid Jun 1 '10 at 10:53
That's my pleasure. The simplest one I have found is Evince, which is a viewer for the Linux Gnome desktop environment: The source is here: . It's in C, though. You mentioned rendering, which is another issue entirely. I heard from somebody who wrote a PDF viewer that the most difficult part is parsing since the format is so strange – HXCaine Jun 1 '10 at 17:10

I get the source code. Follow this link here .

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i have fond this one, it is a tutorial, maybe is the thing you are looking for.

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This is a tutorial on how to trigger opening a PDF in an existing PDF Reader App which already has to be installed on the device. – Julian D. Apr 27 '12 at 15:50

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