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How do you add an Icon to a WPF App?

I have an icon made already. How do I add it to the app so that it will represent the application on the desktop, in the minimize system bar, etc..

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In my visual studio 2010 : Project -> 'ApplicationName' Properties -> Tab Application -> Icon and Manifest. There you specify your icon

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also remember to add the actual file to the project – Isak Savo Jun 1 '10 at 8:15
I added it to my project but it doesn't show up when I run my application. It is saved though. Not sure why (I'm using VS2012). – Kala J May 12 '14 at 16:01
You must add something like Icon="icon.ico" to your MainWindow.xaml <Window x:Class="WpfAppCertif_1.MainWindow" ... mc:Ignorable="d" Icon="icon.ico" Title="MainWindow" Height="373" Width="635.119" ... DataContext="{DynamicResource ResourceKey=MyVM}" > – NGI Sep 11 at 8:22

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