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Where can I find either literature or video demonstration of unit testing applications using VB.NET? As a novice/hobbyist programmer I would like to build a solid foundation in developing applications using the unit testing methodology.

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Are you using the express versions of Visual Studio? – Nathan W Nov 17 '08 at 3:48
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If it helps any, you may want to learn C# if you plan on staying in the .NET world and ever plan to use .NET professionally. I've answered why here. Now, on to your question: O'Reilly and Associates had an article on this very subject recently (if by 2005 you mean recent, but for our purposes, we can call it recent). You may also want to learn Nunit, which is a unit testing framework for .NET.

As far as Books:

That should get you started. I don't know whether the code examples are in VB or C#, but if you have a Safari online subscription (which I highly recommend), you'll be able to browse these books without dropping money on them.

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You can find some info on unit testing vb on Typemock’s site

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