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I need to style a WPF TextBlock, like

<TextBlock Text="- Test text text text text" TextWrapping="Wrap"/>

that will show the

- Test text text text 

and not the

- Test text text text 

Do you know the solution of the problem?

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If you need to apply advanced local formatting to your text you'd better use a RichTextBox that will offer you more control.

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unfortunally, this is not an equivalent replacement of the TextBlock, especially if you need a flexible binding. – Alexander Zwitbaum Jun 2 '10 at 9:17
What do you mean by "a flexible binding"? A RichTextBox IS more flexible, since it allows you to customize every single char in you text... – MK87 May 26 at 16:48

Can you split it in 2 TextBlocks: one with "- ", the 2nd with "Test text text text text" ? That way you would achieve what you ask.

(haha :) , just saw : asked 5 years ago )

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Surely, the text can be placed in 2 containers, but the question was how to style the existing TextBlock. – Alexander Zwitbaum Jun 1 at 7:41

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