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I need to register an assembly in the GAC using batch file. Is there a way to find the installation location of GacUtil.exe or is there a way to register the assembly without GacUtil?

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GacUtil is not installed with a framework install only with an SDK install - so you couldn't guarantee it would be on the box you're installing on.

This won't work within your batch file but if you have developed the application yourself you can use the GacInstall method described below:

Alternatively I'd recommend producing an msi file to deploy the application. Tutorial here:

It would be an inadvisable solution to include a copy of GacUtil.exe in your distribution because it comes under a different licence and you probably aren't licenced to redistribute it

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Your bestbet is to use a powershell script that wraps Publish.GacInstall, such as this one

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+1: WOW! This particular answers should be accepted, because it gives direct answer to the upper question. Force is string with you. –  Robert Koritnik Jul 5 '12 at 9:34

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