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I want to gather some more information when the user signs up and also display this as part of the profile information - so that the user can edit it once he creates a login.

How can I extend the sign-up and profile form and model without changing directly pinax code?

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From pinax docs


As more sites are built using Pinax, more best practices will emerge, but for now what we recommend is:

  • Always work off a stable release. The most current release is 0.7.1.
  • Use the pinax-admin setup_project command.
  • Make necessary changes to the settings.py and urls.py files in your copied directory.
  • Change the domain and display name of the Site in the admin interface.
  • Develop your custom apps under your new project or anywhere on Python path.
  • Develop your own templates under your new project.

This thread is very relevant to your question and discusses options for overriding the default pinax apps.

It suggests looking at https://github.com/eldarion/idios, (an extensible profile app designed to replace the profiles apps in Pinax).

This blog has some comments about overriding the default pinax apps:

Overriding build-in Pinax Applications

Assuming we want to override $PINAX_ROOT/apps/blog with $PROJECT_ROOT/apps/blog we can do so simply by copying the application and make our project-local (read individual) changes to it. Pinax will then load $PROJECT_ROOT/apps/blog rather than $PINAX_ROOT/apps/blog.

Those who do not care about merging in upstream changes nor submitting bugfixes/features upstream would just issue cp -a $PINAX_ROOT/apps/blog $PROJECT_ROOT/apps and be done. Those who consider themselves good FLOSS-country citizens however care about contributing back as well ...

The default pinax apps you would be looking to override (if necessary), would be:

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You probably want to have a go at overriding the built-in Pinax applications, which is gone over in a little detail in this article. I imagine you'd want to extend (or override) Pinax's Profile model.

This chap seems to have been in a situation that sounds like what you want, have a quick read of his chat logs to see what I mean. Sorry that this answer isn't too specific, it's more of a pointer.

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