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I'm labeling my assemblies using the CCNETLABEL environment variable and the SVN Revision number. The problem I am facing is as follows:

Assume ProjectA is dependent on ProjectB

ProjectA is at build number X and ProjectB is at build number Y

When ProjectA is triggered, ProjectB is built as well.

Because CCNETLABEL = X+1 my version labeling was resulting as follows:

ProjectA build number = X+1 AND ProjectB build number = X+1 instead of the expected Y.

This is leading to versioning problems because the assemblies are being seen as a "newer" version.

My question is:

I don't want to label each assembly built because of a change to a particular project with that project's CCNETLABEL. Ideally I'd only want ProjectA to build assuming ProjectB has already been built thus saving the processing time of having to build ProjectB.

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In the element of the ccnet.config file for each project, I was using "Rebuild" which forces all related projects to rebuild. By changing this to "Build" it only builds dependent projects if there is a change that requires compilation. Because CCNET retrieves the latest version always this is never an issue. Problem solved.

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