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i am using the facebooker gem from http://github.com/mmangino/facebooker for developing a rails 2 facebook application (iframe). i am wondering if this is a bug from facebooker:

when i am using


in the application controller, the iframe gets rendered in an infinite loop. i found out that in vendor/plugins/facebooker/lib/facebooker/rails/controller.rb line 63 the request_is_facebook_iframe? is never entered for my iframe app. it seems that params["fb_sig_in_iframe"] is always not set.

is this a facebooker problem or did i miss something?

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don't know if you got an answer but to avoid the infinite frame loop you should use


instead of


There is a good tutorial on setting up a iframe facebook app here:

Creating a Facebook (iFrame) app using Ruby on Rails & Facebooker

Hope that helps!

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