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I currently have a jQuery sortable list working perfectly. I am able to move the 'li' elements around. However, how can I make a button to move a specific 'li' element up by one and the one above to move down (and of course the opposite for a down button)? I have looked around google and found very little. Even a link would be fantastic!


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The second answer is excellent. First answer also good. Why didn't you accept ? –  Web_Developer yesterday

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If you have following html code:

<button id="myButtonUp">myButtonTextForUp</button>
<button id="myButtonDown">myButtonTextForDown</button>

I assume you have allready something to mark each lis, so following I assume the marked lihas the class markedLi; Following code should in theory move that element up or down (totally untested off course):

  var current = $('.markedLi');
  var current = $('.markedLi');
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tested and working healthly.. jsfiddle.net/fd6UQ –  Alper Oct 29 '11 at 19:45
Very simple, but works flawlessly :) –  Mirko Akov Dec 12 '11 at 11:49
elegant solution –  surya Deepak Jun 26 at 13:56

Although the answer by Azatoth works fine, bobby might be looking for an animation, like I did. so I wrote the following code to make the movement animated:

function moveUp(item) {
    var prev = item.prev();
    if (prev.length == 0)
    prev.css('z-index', 999).css('position','relative').animate({ top: item.height() }, 250);
    item.css('z-index', 1000).css('position', 'relative').animate({ top: '-' + prev.height() }, 300, function () {
        prev.css('z-index', '').css('top', '').css('position', '');
        item.css('z-index', '').css('top', '').css('position', '');
function moveDown(item) {
    var next = item.next();
    if (next.length == 0)
    next.css('z-index', 999).css('position', 'relative').animate({ top: '-' + item.height() }, 250);
    item.css('z-index', 1000).css('position', 'relative').animate({ top: next.height() }, 300, function () {
        next.css('z-index', '').css('top', '').css('position', '');
        item.css('z-index', '').css('top', '').css('position', '');

you can take a look in here http://jsfiddle.net/maziar/P2XDc/

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This deserves an upvote –  Gigi2m02 Jun 24 '13 at 12:48
how to do this for li Element? –  anam Sep 13 '13 at 7:38
just a note, requires additional jquery-ui –  ulkas Jul 7 '14 at 12:49
Great! It works fine. Thank you! –  Nicola Mela Apr 29 at 8:24
Excellent. I was searching for this. –  Web_Developer yesterday

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