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I'm trying to implement "hand draw tool". At the moment algorythm looks like that (I don't insert any code because methods are quite big, will try to explain an idea):


  1. In touchesStarted: method I create NSMutableArray *pointsArray and add point into it. Call setNeedsDisplay: method.
  2. In touchesMoved: method I calculate points between last added point from the pointsArray and current point. Add all points to the pointsArray. Call setNeedsDisplay: method.
  3. In touchesFinished: event I calculate points between last added point from the array and current point. Set flag touchesWereFinished. Call setNeedsDisplay:.


drawRect: method checks is pointsArray != nil and is there any data in it. If there is - it starts to traw circles in each point of this array. If flag touchesWereFinished is set - save current context to the UIImage, release pointsArray, set it to nil and reset the flag.

There are a lot disadvantages of this method:

  • It is slow
  • It becomes extremely slow when user touches and move finger for long time. Array becomes enormous
  • "Lines" composed by circles are ugly

I would like to change my algorithm to make it bit faster and line smoother. In result I would like to have lines like on the picture at following URL (sorry, not enough reputation to insert an image):

Can you advice me, ho I can draw lines this way (smooth and slim on the edges)? I thought to draw circles with alpha gradient on the edges (to make lines smoother), but it will be extremely slowly IMHO.

Thanks for help


I changed draw algorithm. Now every event I save UITouch and in the drawRect: method I draw path from prev. point to the current one. And dump UIImage from context every drawRect: invocation.

But I still have 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to draw more smooth. I mean if I draw quite fast, I easily can see that path path is a set of straight lines. But I want to draw curves, to make path smooth. Probably Bezier curves will help but I don't understand how they can help in this. situation.
  2. I want to start path with thiner line and finish with thiner line too. How I can do this line transform? Thanks!
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Did you ever figure this out because I also have the same problem and am desperate for help!!! Thanks. – BDGapps Jul 30 '11 at 23:56

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