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In PHPTAL tal:condition can check is variable empty? Something like that:

< tag tal:condition="var" >Some text< /tag >

but the value of variable is like that:

$variable = '';
$Tpl->var = $variable;

And it's a problem 'cause PHPTAL that value '' interpreting like not empty value and condition return true.

Next problem is using it when variable is a matrix. Then needed is tal:repeat and I don't know how check each elements of matrix in tal:condition

How fix it in PHPTAL side?

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<tag tal:condition="php:!empty(var)">Some text</tag>
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You should really minimize the use of php: in templates as this defeats the purpose of separating view from logic and makes your templates less portable. – Explosion Pills Jul 21 '11 at 12:45

tal:condition evaluates '' and arrays with count($array)==0 as false.

If by martix you mean n-dimensional array, then you'll have to wrtite function that checks it the way you want and use it like in nuqqsa's answer.

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We can use the truetales to check if a variable is not empty. more information here

it works as PHP's !empty() construct.

< tag tal:condition="true:var" >Some text< /tag >

Hope this help future visitors of this question.

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