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My Facebook application contains Javascript that works in Firefox and IE, but aborts in Chrome.

In the Javascript console it gives several errors.including:

Uncaught TypeError: Object onloadhooks has no method 'replace'

There are similar errors complaining about a missing method for 'toLowerCase'.

Stop Press Problem no longer occurs. Chrome appears to have patched the error.

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According to the Chrome developers (Issue 1717), this is an issue with the Facebook FBJS library, and something they plan to escalate to Facebook.

I don't have a workaround for this in the meantime.

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Hilarious: A javascript bug in Chrome is the web site's fault? Hahaha. Why does chrome say it is safari? Surely that is the real bug. – richq Nov 17 '08 at 10:23
How do you know it's a Javascript bug in Chrome? Just because it works across a lot of browsers doesn't mean it's not a bug in the sites code. – Craig Nov 17 '08 at 10:40
@rq, I can see this is a tricky area. My reading is Chrome is very much like Safari in most regards (because they both use WebKit to render the HTML), so saying it is Safari-equivalent probably saves a lot of incompatibilities, but it is different in at least one respect, so maybe you are right. – Oddthinking Nov 17 '08 at 12:31
This appears to have been fixed in Chrome. Please vote to close as no longer relevant. – Oddthinking Sep 4 '09 at 2:24

Facebook itself has problems in Chrome. On some pages the buttons just don't work (like deleting a news entry on your own page).

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Agreed, but Facebook manages to limp along in Chrome anyway. I don't want my application to make it worse. – Oddthinking Nov 17 '08 at 13:33

i ALWAYS have problems with java anything in google chrome. sucks because i actually like the browser.

double you tee eff

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java anything? I don't follow. – Nosredna Sep 4 '09 at 2:44

Then how come facebook's applications like 'flixter movies' is able to show FBJS's extended permissions dialog for publishing it to user's and friends wall.?

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This appears to have been fixed in Chrome. Please vote to close question as no longer relevant. – Oddthinking Sep 4 '09 at 2:25

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