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I'm trying to resolve an issue that I brought up at the end of the investigation into SHBrowseForFolder and folder shortcut browsing: I cannot figure out how IFolderFilter's member function ShouldShow should work to filter out everything but folders and folder shortcuts.

I haven't found much documentation on this and my current solution doesn't work, please see below:

Here's what I have for the function:

    HRESULT resultCode = S_OK;  

    ULONG attributes = 0UL;  

    if (SUCCEEDED(sf->GetAttributesOf(1, &pidlItem, &attributes)))  
        if (attributes & SFGAO_FOLDER)  
            resultCode = S_OK;  // Yes, I see the folders
        else if (attributes & SFGAO_LINK)  
            // How do I determine if it is a folder AND let the end-user explore them?
            // I ran the code with the resultCode = S_OK just to see what happens
            // it displays the shortcut folders, but I cannot explore them. When I
            // "expand" them (click on the plus-sign-box), nothing happens.

    return resultCode;  

Can anyone tell me what code I need to add to filter out everything but folders and folder shortcuts (and still be able to explore the folder shortcuts)?

Thanks in advance!

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It seems to me that your function always returns S_OK. Is that your intent? – Bill Jun 2 '10 at 5:39
No, that's not the ultimate solution. I couldn't find out how to determine if what I have is a shortcut folder or not, so I just return S_OK for everything until I can figure out how to return S_OK correctly. I think that the if (attributes & SFGAO_FOLDER) portion is correct, but the else if (attributes & SFGO_LINK) is incomplete. – Lyndsey Ferguson Jun 2 '10 at 12:51

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There doesn't seem to be a way.

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