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I have made a class in php which is goind to be inherited by another class in the other folder. when i put echo $this->protectedvariableofclass; //in subclass function it gives no value remember my base class is stored \class\user.php sublass is stored as \model\model_user.php Please help me out Thanks in advance

Base Class in \class\user.php


class user

     protected $user_id;
     //setter method
public function set_user_id($user_id)

     //getter method
     public function get_user_id()
                return $this->user_id;


Subclass in \model\model_user.php


require_once 'class/user.php';

class model_user extends user
public function checkUser()


   echo $this->user_id;
   $sql = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE user_id='$this->user_id'";
        $result = mysql_query($sql);
        $duplicates = mysql_num_rows($result);
        if($duplicates > 0)
            return 1;
            return 0;


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You should post some code – Matteo Riva Jun 1 '10 at 18:53
posted the code – Abhishek Jun 1 '10 at 19:05

Maybe you have done this already, but in case you're not, try this:

$model_user = new model_user();

$model_user->checkUser(); // Should output 5
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Everything I see is that you're trying to output user_id which is not assigned anywhere in the posted code.

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actully it is assigned in the index.php in root folder by using $myuser->set_user_id($user); – Abhishek Jun 1 '10 at 19:07

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