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I would like to make this multidimensional array more readable by using one of its sub key values as index. So this array:


should become this:


Sure i could loop through and rebuild the array, but i was wondering what would be an expert take at this ?

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I would create an index that uses references to point to rows in the original array. Try something like this:

$group_index = array();
foreach($foo as &$v){
  $g = $v['group_id'];
  if(!array_key_exists($g, $group_index)){
    $group_index[$g] = array();
  $group_index[$g][] = $v;

echo print_r($group_index[2], true);

# Array
# (
#     [0] => Array
#         (
#             [group_id] => 2
#             [group_name] => red
#             [members] => Array
#                 (
#                 )
#         )
# )

Note: The index will always return an array. If you have multiple items with the same group_id, they will all be rolled into the result.

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Thank you. I initially sort of hoped i could avoid a loop, but in any case, it turns out i need to loop once through my initial array for other reasons, so i'll accept your answer as it does the job! – pixeline Jun 1 '10 at 20:29
pixeline, np. You could do all the index/indices building in the loop that builds this array :D – maček Jun 1 '10 at 20:57

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