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Whenever I run this, and open the color dialog, there are many colors that do not having a proper name, the listbox will show something like "ffff8000"(Orange-Yellow). Is there another way of pushing the proper name? Is there a proper Color Name library I can reference in code?

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The .NET framework defines the KnownColor enum, you could use it to convert a color value to a name. It won't be a complete solution, it doesn't have "Orange Yellow". But many of the common colors are present. For example:

    public static Color LookupKnownColor(uint c) {
        int crgb = (int)(c & 0xffffff);
        foreach (KnownColor kc in Enum.GetValues(typeof(KnownColor))) {
            Color map = Color.FromKnownColor(kc);
            if (!map.IsSystemColor) {
                if ((map.ToArgb() & 0xffffff) == crgb)
                    return map;
        return Color.FromArgb(unchecked((int)(c | 0xff000000)));


 Color c = LookupKnownColor(0xffffff00);

Output: Yellow

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