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Buffered Inserts are a feature of db2 allowing one to get greater insert performance. IBM's documentation describes needing to bind this option to your application. I can't figure out if this is possible to do with the Perl DBI interface, and if it is possible, how to do it.

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Are you accessing a database that uses the database partitioning feature? – Ian Bjorhovde Jun 2 '10 at 3:08
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Buffered inserts are only applicable if you are using the DB2 Database Partitioning Feature, which is typically used only for data warehouses and other business intelligence applications.

That said, DBD::DB2 is written using the DB2 CLI (call level interface). Therefore, it uses the standard system CLI packages to access the database. It is possible to bind the standard CLI packages with buffered inserts, but this is usually not advisable because doing this will alter how errors are returned to ALL client applications.

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