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Is there any way to find out if the user pressed the delete key or dot? It has the same keycode in FireFox.

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Has that something to do this the numeric pad on keyboards (wenn NUM-LOCK is off)? There is a similar question regarding C# here: stackoverflow.com/questions/206608/… –  splattne Nov 17 '08 at 11:21
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According to Detecting keystrokes, it is possible, provided that:

  • you search for the keyCode (8 for delete) onkeydown/up, and
  • ignore both onkeypress and charCode (Especially if you consider the fact that IE does not fire keypressed event, only key up/down).
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Here is a nice overview regarding browser behavior when it comes to keyboard events:

JavaScript Madness: Keyboard Events (it's quite recent, too: July 7, 2008)

Scroll down to to "3.2. Values Returned on Character Events", there is a table showing what different browsers do.

Bottom line is: It depends.

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