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Is there a script for the Android Webkit browser thats make a site "homepage" Or in other words can I make a "Set as homepage" button

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struggling with reading the homepage myself right now. Writing it will use the std database stuff, my book mark writer has something like this in it:

{final ContentValues bookmarkValues = new ContentValues(); bookmarkValues.put(Browser.BookmarkColumns.TITLE, pageTitle); bookmarkValues.put(Browser.BookmarkColumns.URL, currentUrl); bookmarkValues.put(Browser.BookmarkColumns.BOOKMARK, 1); @SuppressWarnings("unused") final Uri newBookmark = getContentResolver().insert(Browser.BOOKMARKS_URI, bookmarkValues);}

  So writing the home page will probably use some similar construct.
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There does not appear to be a method to do that. It would be on android.provider.Browser, if anywhere. Sorry!

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