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I need to inject generic repositories (IRepository) into my classes' constructors but I dont know how to do it with the new DSL in structuremap 2.6, does anyone know how?

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This can be done with just one line of code in your configuration. Assuming you have this:

Entities: - Customer - Order

And have a generic repository model like this:

  • Repository : IRepository

And have a app services that look like:

public AppService(IRepository<Customer> custRepo, IRepository<Order> orderRepo)

You would have something like this. Notice the bit about using the scanner to hook up your custom repositories.

public class SmRegistry : Registry
        public SmRegistry()
            For(typeof (IRepository<>))
                .Use(typeof (Repository<>));

            //using this will find any custom repos, like CustomerRepository : Repository<Customer>
            //Scan(scanner =>
            //         {
            //             scanner.TheCallingAssembly();
            //             scanner.ConnectImplementationsToTypesClosing(typeof (IRepository<>));

            //         });

Assuming your Repositories are defined in some other assembly from your application, you can use Registries to hook it all together. Check out this post:


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