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I want to extract certain parts and be able to put it into a nice spreadsheet format. The important parts are the address, ward number, square feet, and price. I was going to try something really complicated in PHP(novice), but thought there might be an easier way.

The data looks like this:

243-467 1402 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave. 50th Ward approximately 1,416 sq. ft. more or less BRT# 502440300 Improvements: Residential Dwelling JANET DENNIS C.P. October Term, 2007 No. 01082 $105,641.01 Morton R. Branzburg, Esq.

244-712A 5407 Chestnut St. - Premise A 60th Ward Apt 2-4 Unts 2 sty Masonry; Improvement Area 4,610 sq. ft. BRT# 603011200 Improvements: Residential Dwelling ALEXANDER TALMADGE, JR. (WHO HAS 1/3 INTEREST), BERNADINE ABAD AND BERNARD BLAIR TALMADGE $32,153.00 Drew Salaman, Esq.

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Where does the data come from? Can you modify its output? If so, try outputting CSV text (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values). Excel will import CSV files.

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The data comes from: phillysheriff.com/old_site/properties.html, but it's not always published in html form, many times it's in a word doc. –  Jeff Jun 2 '10 at 2:18

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