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When I delete a visual component in a base form, and forget any references in inherited forms, my application only breaks in runtime.

What I normally do is to use a search tool to find references in .DFM, but I'm not completely satisfied with this method.

Do you have any better recommendations?

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maybe Andreas Hausladen's DFMCheck helps?


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Perfect! Thanks. ;) –  Erick Sasse Nov 17 '08 at 12:37
What would we do if we didn't have Andy? :-) –  Uli Gerhardt Nov 17 '08 at 13:13
Andy is amazing... –  Fabricio Araujo Nov 17 '08 at 17:51

Just to be sure, but have you used 'inherited' in the inherited dfm?

inherited Form1: TForm1
  Caption = 'Form1'
  PixelsPerInch = 96
  TextHeight = 13

If you have 'object' and not 'inherited' you get a lot of problems.

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Yes, I have inherited. I think you can't have visual inheritance with object, can you? –  Erick Sasse Nov 17 '08 at 12:29
No you can't but some people have tried (and failed) –  Toon Krijthe Nov 18 '08 at 21:51
@Erick: and sometimes due to bugs in certain Delphi versions inherited gets converted to object –  Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Jan 25 '11 at 10:16

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