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What Windows SVN+Task Management+Blog+Timeline free, Open Source solutions (projects) are there?

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Are you looking for an all in one solution? Not sure there is one package, but you can a lot of OS integrate task management / bug tracking projects into SVN repositories. You may want to look at VersionOne community edition. –  Jeff Schumacher Jun 1 '10 at 23:49

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Sounds like you need Trac:

Windows SVN
Yes, it's a web based application that can run on a Windows or Linux server, and can be accessed by either Windows or Linux clients

Yes, they're referred to as "tickets"

Yes, there is a "Roadmap" feature that does project management based on milestones, ticket durations, and creates a schedule.

Yes, Trac has a wiki that users can create and edit

Yes, Trac has it. Allows you to browse source, see svn log, etc.

free, opensource
Trac is free and open source

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Redmine is a very good open source system that supports most if not all of your listed operations. www.redmine.org

It is available in ready-to-use bitnami stacks for Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc. www.bitnami.org

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FogBugz can integrate with the most popular source control systems and supports issue tracking and planning (presumably what you mean by timeline). While it doesn't support blogs, it supports wikis, which should be sufficient if you want to use it for documentation.

While not open source, it has a free student/startup version if you only need two accounts.

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