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Hitting debug will deploy the application to \program files\AppNamespace\AppName.exe and attach to it. However, my app runs on the storage card \SD-MMC Card.

This means I'm debugging and running in different places, so I have a slight maintenance headache.

Therefore the question is, anyone know if you can specify the folder VS will use when debugging?

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Why are you debugging from \program files\AppNamespace\AppName.exe then? Debug from the actual target location.

Project Properties->Devices->Output File Folder

Set that to "Location" = "Root Folder" and "Subdirectory" to "\SD-MMC Card".

Also, when you respond to someone here on SO, don't create an answer to do so, leave a comment in their post.

Also see this question.

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Thanks, that's the one. I'm using a deployment project to build a cab and an autoupdater to install it. Avoided the deployment tab thinking it was unrelated. –  Tristan Warner-Smith Nov 18 '08 at 11:23
What if I don't have an SD but an Internal memory? I have an Omnia i900 –  Sebastian Nov 27 '09 at 6:22
You can change it to whatever location you want. –  ctacke Nov 27 '09 at 17:41
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