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I'm trying to do a simple UPDATE ... WHERE ISNULL() using SubSonic ActiveRecord and the only way I can get it to work is by using CodingHorror. eg:

    public void MarkMessagesRead(long? from_person)
        if (from_person.HasValue)
                .Set(x => x.is_read == true)
                .Where(x => x.from_id == from_person && x.to_id == people_id)
            new SubSonic.Query.CodingHorror(_db.DataProvider, "UPDATE messages SET is_read=1 WHERE ISNULL(from_id) AND to_id=@toid", people_id).Execute();

Am I missing something?

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The code supplied by cantabilesoftware should work - the two issues have been fixed in current source on github!

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Awesome. Thanks. – Brad Robinson Jun 30 '10 at 23:01

Did you try to do an "And(x => x.from_id).IsEqualTo(null)?

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So I just tried this: _db.Update<message>() .Set(x => x.is_read == true) .Where(x=>x.to_id == people_id).And(x => x.from_id).IsEqualTo(null) .Execute(); but I get this: SubSonic.Query.Update<message>' does not contain a definition for 'And' – Brad Robinson Jun 3 '10 at 0:26
Duh - whoops I meant to stick the And in the Where: "Where(x => x.to_id && x.from_id == null)" – Rob Conery Jun 4 '10 at 20:35
Thanks Rob. Tried that and it compiles and runs but no records are updated. (running against mysql). The generated SQL is UPDATE messages SET is_read=@up_is_read WHERE from_id = @0. Should be ISNULL() ? Has this been fixed recently? I'm running a slightly old version of subsonic and reluctant to update right now as we're about to release. – Brad Robinson Jun 7 '10 at 14:15

There's two reasons why this wasn't working.

Firstly, it should be Where<message>() not Where() :

            .Set(x => x.is_read == true)
            .Where<message>(x => x.from_id == from_person && x.to_id == people_id)

The Where() method has bugs - it loses the comparison type so everything becomes a comparison for equality and operators like < <= etc.. all get lost. Also, it only uses the first comparison. In the example above, the && x.to_id == people_id is silently discarded.

Secondly, sub-sonic's support for ==null and !=null has been commented out.

I've logged both of these issues in the sub-sonic's github:

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