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I have the following HTML code in the backend, ie.

<div class="navi">
  <a class="" href="0"></a>
  <a class="" href="1"></a>
  <a class="" href="2"></a>
  <a class="" href="3"></a>

Apologies for the basic question but I would like to use jQuery to capture the user's click when they only click on the href value of "0"

Basically want to hide a div called "info" when the user clicks on the where the href="0"

Unsure how to do?


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You can use the attribute-equals selector, like this (though I don't think that's a valid href):

$("a[href=0]").click(function() {

A better approach, if possible, would be to give the <a> a better href that points to the <div>, like this:

<div class="navi">
  <a class="" href="#info"></a>
  <a class="" href="#info1"></a>
  <a class="" href="#info2"></a>
  <a class="" href="#info3"></a>

Then you can use a more generic click handler, relating to the corresponding <div> like this:

$(".navi a").click(function() {

This would toggle <div id="info"> when you clicked the href="#info" link, the same or the others...if your links all relate to divs, this is a much better way to go, and it degrades gracefully with javascript disabled.

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I think you should return false; on that.. ;) –  Reigel Jun 2 '10 at 2:37
@Reigel - Currently it goes to that div's location in the page, if you didn't want to you could return false; or e.preventDefault();, but usually you don't want to, the way it is allows you to rig up this div showing if you hit F5 for example, or bookmarking, etc...hash navigation has many uses. Remember if it's a hash link, you're not leaving the page. –  Nick Craver Jun 2 '10 at 2:42
ahhh well, good point Nick ;) –  Reigel Jun 2 '10 at 2:45

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