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I'm using Audiveris API to generate xml(MusicXML) file once the sheetmusic(e.g. pdf/img file) is being input (i.e. When I give the sheet music (pdf file) location, to generate the xml file out of it (in another location)).

Audiveris has its own GUI to do this. But can I do this process of sheetmusic-to-xml without using their GUI, but only from the CLI? If so how may I approach it? And also if so - is there a possibility to make it work in CLI - using Java code (say to invoke steps for API to occur in the CLI using Java Code - I've heard this is possible using shell commands)?

I managed to open the GUI by opening the jar file from CLI. But I need to know whether there's a possibility to carry out the entire sheetmusic(say pdf)-to-xml process without using their GUI, but only through CLI (i.e. in batch mode)?

Greatly appreciate any help or guidance Thanks in advance

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use the -batch option and the program will run without the GUI.

Use the -help option, to get the full list of parameters for the CLI interface For example: java -jar dist/audiveris-3.3.jar -help will give you (reformatted for better readability): omr.CLI.stopUsage(CLI.java:362) -- INFO:

Audiveris options syntax: [-help] [-batch] [-step STEPNAME] [-option (KEY=VALUE|@OPTIONLIST)+] [-sheet (SHEETNAME|@SHEETLIST)+] [-script (SCRIPTNAME|@SCRIPTLIST)+]

Known step names are in order (non case-sensitive) : LOAD : Load the sheet picture SCALE : Compute global Skew and rotate if needed SKEW : Detect & remove all Staff Lines LINES : Retrieve horizontal Dashes HORIZONTALS : Detect horizontal dashes SYSTEMS : Retrieve Systems from Bar sticks MEASURES : Retrieve Measures from Bar sticks SYMBOLS : Recognize Symbols & Compounds VERTICALS : Extract verticals PATTERNS : Specific sheet glyph patterns SCORE : Translate glyphs to score items PLAY : Play the whole score MIDI : Write the output MIDI file EXPORT : Export the score to MusicXML file

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Yet, there's another issue with Audiveris 3.3 - it gives an error 'Cannot Load Zong Language', when trying to run the .bat or .jar file. Audiveris 3.3 uses ZongPlayer, and even though the data/lang folder of ZongPlayer is copied to the audiveris/dist folder of Audiveris, still the error remains. Do inform, if any one who figures out a solution for this. –  Dolphin Jun 3 '10 at 15:53
+1 for finding your own answer :) –  Ranhiru Cooray Aug 3 '10 at 19:41
thanks Ranhiru :) –  Dolphin Aug 3 '10 at 23:26

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