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I have been testing my iPhone debug build on both my device and simulator with activity monitor, leaks, and object allocations. The code is pretty well optimized so I have decided to test the release build. I went into the project Menu and set the target build to be release, I then added the necessary header paths that my app is using to the headers search paths and ran the release build on the device with the above mentioned instruments. What I have noticed now is that memory that was freed when I used the debug build does not get freed when using release version. There is one place in my App that I remove a scroll view with some images which frees up a significant amount of memory when I use the debug build, but no memory is freed up in that place when I use the release version. Does someone have any ideas where I need to start looking at? did I setup my release build wrong?

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Some objects will be cached in an application memory (e.g., UIImage) and will be freed automatically when the device is running out of memory.

As long as your application does not crash when memory goes critical, I think there's nothing to worry.

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