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I am working on an application which is running in CakePHP and I am using AJAX queries from within.

In all the cases for all the ajax post i have used the url as

var ht = $.ajax({
                     type: "GET",
                     url: ""+attribute_id,
                     async: false
var myObject = eval('(' + ht + ')');

Is there any way in CakePHP where I can give my base URL as and to call the base URL in all the places I want.

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You can use $this->base to get base url.

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For me this just prints out /sitename –  stef Oct 20 '11 at 7:57

Try writing following code


$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']----it will give you working host

and $this->base---will give you working url

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You could set default URL for all your ajax requests that way:

  url: ''
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Use any one method of following

  1. <?php echo $this->Html->url('/');?>

  2. <?php Router::url('/', true); ?>

  3. <?php echo $this->base;?>

  4. <?php echo $this->webroot; ?>

  5. Define constant in Config/core.php as define("BASE_URL", ""); and use BASE_URL anywhere in your project

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you may use

<?php echo Router::fullbaseUrl();?>

as well.

Refer for more details.

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I assume I've the same scenario: for development, the site is available at localhost/cake, whereby in production the site is deployed in the root dir of In the header I set:

<base href="<?php echo $base_url ?>" />,

in AppContoller::beforeRender() I set:

$this->set('base_url', 'http://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].Router::url('/'));.

This works fine for everything, except JS (so thus AJAX), as it ignores base_url.

Therefore I have a workaround (uses jQuery, but easy to substitute without):

forUrl = function(url) {
    return $('base').attr('href')+url.substr(1);

login = function() {
    $.post(forUrl('/ajax/profileDiv'), $('#profile-login-form').serialize(),
        function(data) {
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Your first three lines of code do nothing for me. $base_url is undefined. –  stef Oct 20 '11 at 8:05
It is set by $this->set('base_url', ...). Where do you have that in your code? –  sibidiba Nov 24 '11 at 14:45

This might also be helpful:

<?php echo $this->Html->url('/posts', true); ?>

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