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see if there's anyone that could give me some useful pointers in this matter.


We have a handheld device running windows mobile 6 that need to communicate with a custom device identifying itself as a USB HID device. We need to exchange information between the device and the handheld in both directions. there's currently a working solution for windows xp et al but the usb hid driver for wm6 does not support a stream interface and hence the same solution cannot be used (without modification).

Proposed solution (not yet working):

In order to solve this problem we set out to write a usb hid device driver! In this we've been guided by the scarce information available on msdn and different fora. What we have accomplished this far is a dll that is loaded when the device is connected to the bus BUT what then happens is that the loader dll is immediately unloaded and the default HID1 device is created and made available. The dll implements the necessary interface of DllMain, HIDDeviceAttach and HIDDevĂ­ceNotifications as specified by MSDN.


is there a problem that the dll is not signed? - might there be some crucial step we have overlooked in the setup and/ or interface? - are there any known problems with accomplish such adriver - are there any other solution to this?

happy for any reply that might lead me in the direction of successfully solving this problem /niklas

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Did you ever find get this working? We're trying to accomplish something similar with a custom device talking to a Windows Mobile 6 system. –  Andrew Flanagan Jul 29 '10 at 18:17

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