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I am setting 2 css class in the code behind in ASP.NET

I could either do:

txtBox.Attributes.Add("class", "myClass1");
txtBox.Attributes.Add("class", "myClass2");

it's always apply one Class .. How can i add thw two classes ?

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The Add method is actually a Put, since it replaces the value behing the key "class". In HTML/css you can have several classes by separating with a space.

txtBox.Attributes.Add("class", "myClass1 myClass2");
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That's what i need ,Thanks Marc –  Amr Badawy Jun 2 '10 at 8:51
Actually it is better to set class directly to CssClass attribute: txtBox.CssClass = "myClass1 myClass2". In this way you can also add/remove classes later: txtBox.CssClass += " myClass3" / txtBox.CssClass.Replace("myClass1", "") –  Grengas Feb 25 at 8:29
This is what I needed, Marc and @Grengas. I would have done this straight away but was looking for a more normalized interface to the CSS class than twiddling a flat string. Par for the course, I guess. –  JMD Mar 23 at 16:32


txtBox.Attributes.Add("class", "myClass1 myClass2");

I think this will work.

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txtBox.Attributes.Add("class", "my_Class1 my_Class2");
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You can also try

txtBox.CssClass = "myClass1 myClass2";

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