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I'm using VS2008 C++.

As I understand it there is no way to pass something like this in a C++ stream : (without using external libraries)

"number " << i    <------ when i is an integer.

So I was looking for a better way to do this, and I all I could come up with is create a string using :

char fullstring = new char[10];
sprintf(fullString, "number %d", i);
.... pass fullstring to the stream  .....
delete[] fullString;

I know it's stupid, but is there a better way of doing this?

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std::ostringstream oss;
oss << "number " << i;
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Did you even bother to try?

int i = 3;
std::cout << "number " << i;

Works quite fine, and naturally the same should work with any stream.

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try this:

#include <sstream>
// [...]
std::ostringstream buffer;
int i = 5;
buffer << "number " << i;
std::string thestring = buffer.str(); // this is the droid you are looking for
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