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I have two tables. First with points, and second with polygons. I need to find out which points are in required polygon according to the attribute gid.

Using query: SELECT table1.* FROM table1, table2 WHERE table2.gid=1 AND ST_Contains(table2.geom2, table1.geom1);

What I get is empty table (only columns without data)...


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Are you sure there are any intersecting points? Try

 SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table2 WHERE table2.gid=1 

It should return 1.

Another thing you could try is using ST_Intersects instead of ST_Contains.

Otherwise, you might need to post some data dumps of data you think should match.

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I found out SRID is not the same. Different coordinate systems:) After I fix it I will try query you suggested. –  Z77 Jun 4 '10 at 9:35

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