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how can i make textbox auto expandable through javascript

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you have asked this question/very related question four times in the last 24hrs - here,…,, and One with and one without jQuery would of been more ideal – Dr. Frankenstein Jun 2 '10 at 13:18

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You could compare the count of your value with the rows * cols. I dont really know how many letters there are in a col in html but if you tested that you could do something like:

var colCount =  document.yourForm.yourTextArea.cols;
var rowCount =  document.yourForm.yourTextArea.rows;
if((colCount * numberOfLettersInACol) * rowCount) <= document.yourForm.yourTextArea.value.length){
    document.yourForm.yourTextArea.rows = rowCount + 1;
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I suggest using a javascript library such as jQuery and then using a plugin such as this one:

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but in my case it is suggestion that i have to use the javascript only then how can i do it pls – picnic4u Jun 2 '10 at 9:16

Give the textarea an ID of "textarea-expand" and try this:
Note: This does not 'reshrink' when you delete the text - it only expands
Edit: (now works without jquery)
Edit: online demo at

<script type="text/javascript">

// ---------- FitToContent ----------

var maxHeight;

function fitToContent(idSelector) {

 var text = idSelector && ? idSelector : document.getElementById(idSelector);
    if ( !text ) {

 function adjustHeight(idSelector, maxHeight) {
    var adjustedHeight = text.clientHeight;
    if ( !maxHeight || maxHeight > adjustedHeight ) {
        adjustedHeight = Math.max(text.scrollHeight, adjustedHeight);
        if ( maxHeight ) {
           adjustedHeight = Math.min(maxHeight, adjustedHeight);
        if ( adjustedHeight > text.clientHeight ) {
  = adjustedHeight + "px";

  adjustHeight(text, document.documentElement.clientHeight);


    function init(){
    document.getElementById("textarea-expand").onkeypress = init

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