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i want to write a simple batch script, that calls a certain exe, but if this one is not found, it should call another exe.

so in pseudocode

set file=c:\path\tool.exe
    call file
    call c:\somethingelse.exe


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You could use ERRORLEVEL to check if the call executed successfully.

call file.exe
IF ERRORLEVEL 1 other.exe

This will work for executables that are in the path and you don't know the exact location. It will print an error message though.

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Note that you can also cut that short: file.exe || other.exe (and you don't need the call there anyway. – Joey Jun 2 '10 at 23:51
The problem with this, is if file.exe exists, but fails for whatever reason, it will also execute other.exe. We only want to execute other.exe if file.exe fails due to it not existing. – Hand-E-Food Aug 16 '11 at 23:20

To closely resemble the pseudo-code posted in the original question:

set FILE1=c:\path\tool.exe
set FILE2=c:\path\to\other\tool.exe
if exist "%FILE1%" (
) else (

As Joey pointed out this actually is the opened form of:

%FILE1% || %FILE2%

but I don't agree. The former runs FILE2

  1. when FILE1 not exists, or
  2. exists but failed.

It also prints an additional error message when a file can't be executed (mostly because it wasn't found or access is prohibited). To suppress this message use:

(%FILE1% || %FILE2%) 2>nul

For example

> (echo a || echo b)
> (echoa || echo b) 2>nul

To suppress all output, and just arrange it that any of both files is run:

(%FILE1% || %FILE2%) 1>&2 2>nul


((%FILE1% || %FILE2%) 1>&2 2>nul) || echo both have failed

as in:

> ((echo a || echo b) 2>nul) || echo both have failed
> ((echoa || echo b) 2>nul) || echo both have failed
> ((echoa || echob) 2>nul) || echo both have failed
both have failed
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Perhaps something like this might work?

set FILE=whatever.exe

GOTO end

echo FOUND

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