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I have to show the custom license Agreement dialog to the user before they start using my application.So, i have added new window in my mainMenu.xib and showing that window modally using

[NSApp runModalForWindow:licenseWindow];

in applicationWillFinishLaunching: delegate by making my main window hidden using visible at Launch to unchecked. License window has two buttons Agree and Disagree. I need to show the mainwindow if user clicks on Agree button and terminate the app if they choose Disagree.

I try to call [NSApp terminate]; in applicationWillFinishLaunching: but it didn't do anything.

Please let me know how i can terminate the app in applicationWillFinishLaunching:


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Sorry i found the solution myself. It was my mistake, I need to call [NSApp terminate:nil]; instead of [NSApp terminate]; and now i can able to terminate my app normally as needed.

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Read the link I gave you too, it might save your app from being rejected by Apple. – nevan king Jun 2 '10 at 10:53
NSApp, i.e. Mac OS, not iPhone OS. – 0xced Jun 2 '10 at 12:21

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