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I am getting a strange error when trying to display an applet on a page in my tapestry application. The error says that there is an incompatible magic value. Is there a certain way to display applets in tapestry? Any help would be great!

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This has nothing to do with Tapestry at all.

AFAIK, there are two scenarios that can cause this:

  • The URL to the JAR file is wrong and results in a 404 error. (See this SO question.)

  • You're running the Applet with an earlier version of Java than you compiled it for (say 1.4 with a 1.5 class file).

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The only reason I thought it was to do with Tapestry is that I can display the applet perfectly outside of tapestry but when I try display it in Tapestry I get the error! –  shane87 Jun 2 '10 at 11:54

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