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Owner: CN=gateway, OU=gateway, O=gateway, C=ss

Issuer: CN=gateway, OU=gateway, O=gateway, C=ss

Serial number: 4c05ed66

Valid from: Wed Jun 02 11:04:30 IST 2010 until: Fri Jun 03 11:04:30 IST 2011

Certificate fingerprints:

     MD5:  E3:27:75:8D:96:CB:C3:67:EF:F0:5D:E1:D6:85:CD:0C
     SHA1: 2E:8B:67:0D:AC:25:E2:99:50:61:60:88:BA:1F:1C:10:8F:41:7C:27

     Signature algorithm name: SHA1withDSA
     Version: 3

Trust this certificate? [no]: yes

Certificate was added to keystore

Using Keytool i am generating KeyPair and Certificate. Below is the content of my certificate now i want to change the only Issuer name suppose i am verifying it and i want to make myself as a issuer so i want to enter my info here...Owner should be same only Issuer i want to change ..plz tell me how to do it??

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I want to change the value of CN and O, did you have any success? –  powder366 Jan 30 '13 at 14:31

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You can't, you have to create a new certificate.

The certificate contains a signature of the data it presents (including Owner, Issuer, Fingerpint, ...) and that's what makes up the certificate in the first place.

Put differently: A certificate is designed specifically so that this data can't be modified after its creation.

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ok suppose i am giving this certificate to verify..how will you verifiy it?? what signature you will add there?? and how?? –  Rahul Jun 2 '10 at 11:38
Check if it is signed by a CA that you trust. –  Joachim Sauer Jun 2 '10 at 12:34
Is it not possible only to change CN and O? Seems to me these are there only for extra information? –  powder366 Jan 30 '13 at 14:38

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