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I have a maven-managed project with some modules. One module contains some native codes inside "src/main/resources/native" directory. Second module packages all related modules to a WAR file.

Here comes the question : How to copy the "native/" directory (and its sub-directories) in first module to WEB-INF/native directory in the second module ?

I found a copy resources plugin , but it seems not what I want. (It copies directory inside the same module , but I want cross-module copy)

Thanks in advanced.

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This is doable with dependency:unpack (that I would bind on the prepare-package phase) and the appropriate excludes/includes . See the Unpacking specific artifacts example.

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Thank you ! And ... I also found the recursive dir should be written : "<includes>native/**\/*.*</includes>" ... too cumbersome ... – smallufo Jun 2 '10 at 21:20

The goal of modules in maven is to spearate them from each other. I am afraid there will be no satisfactory solution inside maven as this goes against the grain.

A solution could be to create a war archive with your resources and depend on that to build your final war.

I use for a project for example the camel-web resources by adding a dependency :


The war resources are merged with my web resources.

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+1 for war overlays. – whaley Jun 2 '10 at 13:20

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