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I'm ajaxing my content and can't figure out why i can't pass a variable to my function event:

..somewhere inside the each loop

var file = 'something';

html+='<li><a href="" onclick="return false;" onmouseup="preview('+file+');" style="background: url('link') no-repeat;"></a></li>';


function preview(file)
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What the quoted text looks like with your variable added:

'<li><a href="" onclick="return false;" onmouseup="preview(something);" style="background: url('link') no-repeat;"></a></li>'

Something isn't enclosed in quotes in the concenated string.

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If your problem is loop you have to add your variable into a closure

--- loop ---
// file is updated into teh loop
    return '<li><a href="" onclick="return false;" onmouseup="preview('+loopedVar+');" style="background: url('link') no-repeat;"></a></li>';

--- end loop ---
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