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I have a batch file, updatesipversion.bat that is calling another batch file, template.bat.

updatesipversion.bat code:

set init=empty
set main=svn propget svn:externals ./3c > install\msbuild\SipBranchDefaultDetailsTemplate.txt 
set error=update
set action=empty

call template.bat "%init%" "%main%" "%error%" "%action%"

set init=empty
set main=install\msbuild\SipBranchDetails.exe
set error=update
set action=empty

call template.bat "%init%" "%main%" "%error%" "%action%"

template.bat code

set /a WAcounter=0
for %%a in (%*) do set /a WAcounter+=1
if not %WAcounter%==4 goto :Error
set WAinit=%1
set WAmain=%2
set WAerror=%3
set WAaction=%4
set /a WAcounter=0

IF NOT %1=="empty" %WAinit:~1,-1%

set /a WAcounter+=1
IF NOT %2=="empty" %WAmain:~1,-1%
if %errorlevel%==0 goto :WASuccess

IF NOT %3=="empty" echo ERROR in %WAerror:~1,-1% Trying again......
if %WAcounter% equ 10 goto :Finish 
goto :WAmainCommand

IF NOT %4=="empty" %WAaction:~1,-1%


echo there must be 4 command line arguments

When the for command in first call to template.bat call if %errorlevel==0% then it exits from :WASuccess, if not it exits from :Finish.

The second time template is not called or other command are not executed.

Please tell me if first command is exited, how to continue with making second template call.


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for readability can you please edit your post and make the code parts lokk liek code? –  Thariama Jun 2 '10 at 11:33
Note that you can use %~1, etc. to automatically strip the quotes which would make the rest of that batch much easier to read. –  Joey Jun 11 '10 at 1:14

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You should use either start instead of call, or use exit /B or goto :eof from your called batch. See this for reference.

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Good point on exit /b or goto :eof. The part about start is nonsense, though, unless they want to run template.bat asynchronously. –  Joey Jun 11 '10 at 1:13

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