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I would like to know if the app icon on the iPhone can be slightly different than the one shown in a large version in Apple's App Store.

It was discussed in short here:

But I wanted to make sure if anyone has more experience with that.

To give an example: The New York Times has many words incorporated in its app icon (see Would it be okay to have a full black colored background without the words in the small/homescreen version of the icon?

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I had one application (RefFinder) rejected just because the two didn't match. But they were quite different; I guess it's OK if they're only slightly different.

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yes i have submit couple of application with different app icon and big application icon on App store.

Here is one example:

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They can be different, but they have to accomplish the same design. I mean, they have to be recognized as the same applications (same colors, fonts.. same feeling)

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