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I'm now trying to create a xml-rpc server with the CodeIgniter Framework.


$config['functions']['weblogUpdates.ping'] = array('function' => 'weblogUpdates.ping');
$config['functions']['ping'] = array('function' => 'weblogUpdates.ping');
$config['functions']['weblogUpdates'] = array('function' => 'weblogUpdates.ping');
$config['object'] = $this;


But the problem I have is when Wordpress is trying to ping my file. I can't figure out what I should have as function in the $config['functions'][HERE];

Anyone have a solution to this?

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Have you looked at the codeigniter user guide?

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Thanks, found the problem, I'm so dumb. Had a beta-server up running which I had set Wordpress to ping, and forgot to change the address when I got the new server :$

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-1 for language. This is not a bar. –  Kamil Feb 19 '13 at 13:35

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