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Does anyone know of or even better.. can wholeheartedly recommend a WPF graph layout component (Microsoft Research had GLEE a while back but it hasn't been updated after 1.0 since 2007 and isn't WPF etc) as seen e.g. in the screenshot below?

I've seen yFiles WPF and Lasalle's AddFlow for WPF, but are there any alternatives?

RedGate Ants Memory Profiler as example

(c) Screenshot: RedGate Ants Memory Profiler

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Try http://graphsharp.codeplex.com/. I started a project, today, using MSAGL, but I would rather use WPF for the UI.

From the site:

  • Can use all kinds of algorithms (layout, overlap removal, edge, highlight)
  • Vertex dragging supported
  • Templates for vertices and edges supported
  • Mutable graph -> automatic relayout after the graph changes (burst mode: lot of modification but only 1 relayout)
  • Async layout (background thread) supported
  • Position changes are animated!
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Take a look demos at http://www.goxam.com/.

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