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I am very new to Mac. I downloaded QT SDK Mac Open source ( and installed the Package.
I can run qmake, build samples and run demos, but I cannot run configure (in order to build the Qt libraries statically).
It says: -bash: No such file or directory.
Documentation says I should run this in the "Qt root folder", but what is this folder in Mac? I looked for it in /usr/bin, /usr/local/Qt4.6, /Developer/Tools/Qt. Anyway, what is "configure" on Mac. is it an executable or a script?

Thanks a lot

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The SDK download is a pre-built binary library. You need to download the source code version of Qt to be able to configure it to build as static libraries.

The configure script only comes with the source code download version.

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I think the SDK only provides the headers and libraries hence the reason you can build applications using Qt. To build Qt itself you will need the source package which is a different download.

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