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I want to create a xbrl report with .net, please let me know how to use it.

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Any suggestion, from where I can start learning it. –  Zerotoinfinity Jun 3 '10 at 6:05
why Vote down for this question ?? +1 from my side –  Sangram Mar 11 '11 at 8:12

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See Gepsio: XBRL Document Object Model for .NET to load XBRL documents.

Checkout the Gepsio Documentation for a basic example to implement it.

See Rivet Software Dragon View XBRL Viewer to view XBRL taxonomies.

Unfortunately, XBRL's momentum on .NET platforms is very slow so documentation on how to implement it will be hard/impossible to come by.

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Saying you want to create an XBRL report with .Net is a little like saying you would like to write a novel with the Cyrillic alphabet and asking how to do so.

There are APIs and DOMs for working with XBRL with .Net (e.g., Google the terms "gepsio and XBRL" or "Hitachi Systems XiRUTE .NET", which as the name suggests supports Microsoft .NET framework.)

Most of the available APIs are for Java.

The SEC provides source code for XBRL viewers (http://www.sec.gov/spotlight/xbrl/renderingenginelicense.htm) from which you might learn. Where else can you learn XBRL? The XBRL ORG web site has the Specification(s), conformance suites, samples.

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