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have following issue with jquery slider ui: slider works only when you drag handle, i.e., when you drag the slider the divs show and hide as expected (divs change as slider slides..) but: if I CLICK on any point on slider instead of dragging, divs change ONLY if I click on a precise spot where a div is supposed to switch, otherwise div does not switch.. how do I fix this please??

( to make it simpler JS code is in slider2.html..)

thank you very much..

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There isn't any code in your change event. I would recommend both slide and change calling a separate function which handles the events, so something like;

    slide:  SlideChangeEvent,
    change: SlideChangeEvent

var SlideChangeEvent = function(e,ui){
  var currVal = Math.round((19500*ui.value)/100);
        for (i=0; i < intervals.length; i++) {
            if (ui.value == intervals[i]) { 
                $("#divs-to-show > div").hide();
                $("#divs-to-show > div").eq(i).show();

Sorry i haven't tested it though, no reason why it shouldn't work though i don't think.

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yes I know there's no code in my change event, because I don't know what code to put in there...!! ;-)

unfortunately code you posted doesn't work.. even slider value doesn't change..

thank you...

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