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I've just set up a Wordpress blog on Slicehost using Ubuntu Jaunty and Apache. I would like to have a clear overview how to fully secure it. I've read plenty articles on the net but none answers my questions:

  • do I need to create a special user/user group for running wordpress?
  • if yes how I configure Apache, sftp and wordpress files to work seamlessly together.

Currently I'm using a superuser to manage my VPS. I would like to have another user who manages only Wordpress.

Thanks a lot!

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Better suited for SuperUser... –  songdogtech Jun 2 '10 at 15:05

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You're better off asking on SuperUser, where your question already has some answers: http://serverfault.com/search?q=apache+wordpress

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I'v read all of them but no complete answer ... I've found a link which looks complete: joelmarcey.com/2008/08/15/… –  user356549 Jun 2 '10 at 15:22

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