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Does anyone have a suggestion on a better way to intercept a properties with Castle DynamicProxy? Specifcally, I need the PropertyInfo that I'm intercepting, but it's not directly on the IInvocation, so what I do is:

        public static PropertyInfo GetProperty(this MethodInfo method)
        bool takesArg = method.GetParameters().Length == 1;
        bool hasReturn = method.ReturnType != typeof(void);
        if (takesArg == hasReturn) return null;
        if (takesArg)
            return method.DeclaringType.GetProperties()
                .Where(prop => prop.GetSetMethod() == method).FirstOrDefault();
            return method.DeclaringType.GetProperties()
                .Where(prop => prop.GetGetMethod() == method).FirstOrDefault();

Then in my IInterceptor:

  #region IInterceptor Members

    public void Intercept(IInvocation invocation)
        bool doSomething =                                 invocation.Method.GetProperty().GetCustomAttributes(true).OfType<SomeAttribute>().Count() > 0;




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Generally this is not available. DynamicProxy intercepts methods (incl. getters and setters), and it does not care about properties.

You could optimize this code a bit by making the interceptor IOnBehalfAware (see here) and discovering the method->property mapping upfront.

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