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var i : integer;

i := 1234567;

Given the above, I want the string "1,234,567" as output (assuming UK locale). IntToStr just gives me "1234567". I'm sure there's a one-liner for this, but I can't find it...

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Try the format function.

Label1.Caption := Format('%.0n', [i + 0.0]);
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Or if you need to be threadsafe or want to ensure you use the system default locale or want to specify one:

function FormatIntFromLCID(const AValue: Integer; const LCID: Integer = LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT): string;
  AFormatSettings: TFormatSettings;
  GetLocaleFormatSettings(LCID, AFormatSettings);
  Result := FormatFloat('#,##0',AValue, AFormatSettings);

see this post for a more complete discussion about formatting/locales

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s := FormatFloat('#,##0', i);

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Format('%n', [12345.678]);

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